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What do I get from Easynews with my monthly subscription?
Easynews offers 5 separate service tiers:
  • Big Gig
  • Plus
  • Classic
  • Unlimited NNTP
  • VPN Only (no NNTP or Web access)

Note that you can add Unlimited NNTP and/or VPN access as an add-on to any plan that does not come with it.

Each web based account tier allows for rollover gigs. Rollover gigs are unused gigs that are rolled into the next billing cycle. There is an upper cap on how many gigs an account can have available. Please see the table below for a full breakdown of cost, gigs, retention, loyalty and maximum gigs available information for each tier. Bonus gigs require continuous signup.

You can see the current plan comparison here -

*Each billing cycle is 30 days.

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