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About Global Search 2.0

What is Global Search 2.0?
Global Search 2.0 is the new default search engine for the latest Easynews interface and new users. Older users can opt in to this search method in their preferences.

Global Search 2.0 has much higher searchable retention levels than the original Global 4 search. It is recommended that all users consider switching to this if they want to use the latest and greatest features.
Are there any additional notes I should be aware of while using Global Search 2.0?
Additional usage notes include:
  • All fields except for 'groups' are case-insensitive.
  • Sort options are limited to Relevance, Extension, Size, Date & Time, Filename, Video Codec, Audio Codec, Image Size, A/V Length, Bitrate, Sample rate, Frames per sec
  • "Collapse Sets" option now available.
What are the benefits of Global Search 2.0?
The benefits of Global Search 2.0 include:
  • Searches 4x faster on average.
  • The keywords and subject field implement stemming. Stemming is the breaking down of search terms into their root word. Searching subject for "running" will give you results for "run", "runs", "running", "run's" etc.
  • New option: 'Spam Filter' excludes items that have been posted more than 100 times (including crossposts), and is fully configurable.
  • Global Search 2.0 allows us to handle much more queries faster. This results in much faster search results.

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