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How does Easynews's VPN work?

Easynews VPN is as Easy as 1, 2, 3....

Using the VPN at Easynews is simple. You can securely surf the web using our VPN in three easy steps:

1. Get VPN Service with Your Account
2. Setup Our VPN Software
3. Launch Our App and Connect to One of Our VPN Servers

Get VPN Service with Your Account
When you sign up to become an Easynews user, you have two options available to you if you would like to use our secure VPN service:
  • Standalone VPN access - This option gives you VPN access with no Usenet access.
  • Secure VPN Addon - With this option, the VPN is an addon to compliment your Usenet subscription.
For VPN pricing and to create an account visit our Signup Page.

Setup Our VPN Software

Our VPN Software installation is easy. Simply download our installer from our website and run it. Then follow the prompts and you will be using the VPN in minutes. We currently support the following operating systems for use with our software: Manual Configuration Options for Other Operating Systems If you have any trouble with our manual setups, please contact our support team and they will be happy to help.

Launch Our App and Connect to One of Our VPN Servers
After you have installed our VPN software, do the following to start using our secure VPN:‚Äč
  1. Launch the Easynews VPN app
  2. Select a server location from the main server list that you would like to connect to
  3. Choose the VPN protocol you would like to use (Either OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP)
  4. Click the Connect button                                                                                                                      
Once connected, the app will show "Connected" in the upper right corner. You can now surf the web securely and enjoy your newfound internet freedom.

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