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Will the VPN slow down my internet connection speed?

Your Internet Speed Over the VPN
Our servers are very fast, but your internet speed can still be affected by things like the amount of users using a particular server, distance to a particular VPN server and the overall speed of your ISP. Connecting to far away locations will give way to less speed as there is further for the data to travel from our servers back to you. We always recommend that you connect to the servers closest to you to get the best possible speeds.

Does Speed Change from VPN Server to Server? 
Our servers are all high speed, high performance servers. Having said that however, download speed from server to server can vary based on several factors that can impact network speed and performance, including:
  • Server Load - Number of users using a particular server at one time
  • Server Distance to Your Location - Generally the further away you are from a server, the slower the speed
  • VPN Protocol Used - Using particular protocols can give you a speed advantage over others  (PPTP for streaming, for example)
  • Speed of your ISP - The speed you get from your ISP directly affects the speeds you will see over our VPN servers
If you think you are having abnormal speed issues, contact support and we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

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