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Easynews Backlog UPDATE: 11/9/2017


We have been made aware of an issue where new posts are not propagating on our servers. We have escalated this issue to our operations division who are actively working towards restoring service to it's normal state.

We will provide updates, as well as an ETR as more information is made available. Thank you for your patience in this matter. 

UPDATE 11/9/2017

Hello again,

Thank you for your patience and flexibility while we work towards a solution on our backlog. As of right now, our systems indicate that our backlog has caught up to normal levels of operation. 

We understand that we have experienced several backlogs in the recent past and are in the stages of implementing a more efficient, permanent solution that will help in preventing this issue from propagating moving forward. There are many factors at play, meaning that the eventual resolution may take more time than our typical maintenance. We do not have an exact ETR at this moment, but it is being addressed as one of our primary focuses.

In the event that another backlog should develop (which we do anticipate with network congestion, specifically at peak hours), please rest assured that our support staff will be monitoring the situation very closely. It should be noted that if another backlog develops in the near future, articles will continue to propagate as usual with a measurable delay.

Thank you,

Easynews Support

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