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DD-WRT Router PPTP Setup
  1. Make sure no other VPN settings are enabled... includes getting rid of the startup script and disabling the OpenVPN Client.
  2. Go to Setup > Basic Setup
  3. Change the Connection Type to PPTP
  4. The screen will refresh and you'll have a few other fields to enter. 

    * Use DHCP = Yes 
    * WAN IP Address = Greyed Out 
    * Subnet Mask = Greyed Out 
    * Gateway = Greyed Out 
    * Gateway (PPTP Server) = This is the server you want to connect to(sel-a01.wlvpn.com is Seoul, lax-a01.wlvpn.com is Los Angeles, and nyc-a01.wlvpn is New York City) 
    * Username = your username with @easynews attached to the end 
    * Password = your password 
    * Connection Strategy = choose whatever you want... I prefer Keep Alive Redial Period 10sec 
    * PPTP encryption = Enable 
    * Disable Packet Reordering = Enable 
    (this can be toggled if you have connection issues) 
    * Additional PPTP Options = none 
    * STP = Disable 
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select 'Save'
  6. Go to Administration > Management
  7. Scroll to bottom and click 'Reboot Router'
  8. After the router is rebooted, give it a minute and then co to whatismyip.com to make sure you don't have an IP from your ISP.
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