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Earn Free Gigs with Refer-a-Friend
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Refer-a-friend is an Easynews perk that allows you to get credit for every friend that you refer to our service and stays for at least one full billing cycle.
How does it work?
Your Refer-A-Friend referrer URL contains a key that uniquely identifies you.

When someone else opens that URL in their browser, the key is automatically stored in their browser as a cookie. If they later create an account, you will get credit as a referral.
What kinds of rewards can I get?
You can redeem your credits for free months of service or more gigs!

What is a 'Qualified' referral? How do my referrals become 'Qualified'?
A 'Qualified' referral is a referral that can be redeemed for free months of service or more gigs. Your referral reaches qualified status 45 days after the user's first payment, and if the user remains active during that time.

Can I see a list of my referrals?
Sure! Just go here.

What is my Refer-A-Friend URL?
Go to the Refer A Friend page to find out! There is a unique link you can copy-and-paste for all of your friends!

Why am I not getting credit for my referrals?
Credits are awarded to your Refer-A-Friend account after your referrals achieve qualified status. To prevent abuse, all referral accounts must be new accounts.

What is a click?
Your 'Click' count is the number of unique people that have clicked on your referrer URL. More specifically, it is the number of times your unique referral key was set in someone's browser.
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