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Easynews Advanced Search

Although the default Easynews search function will be more than enough for most Usenet users, Easynews also offers an "Advanced Search" for those who want to fine-tune their Usenet search queries. 


To perform an "Advanced Search", you need to select the “Advanced Search” option that is located in the top right section of every page.

Once in the "Advanced Search" view, you will be able to enter a specific keyword as well the following: 

  • Subject 

  • Filename

  • File Extension

  • Poster

  • Groups

  • Audio Codec

  • Video Codec


Other filter options include the file type, display presentation of search results, file size, and posted date.

There are also multiple view and rule options including: 

  • Apply Your Spam Filter 

  • Disable Stemmed Keywords

  • Remove Duplicates 

  • Hover Thumbnails 

  • Hover Information 

  • Collapse Sets

Group Exclusion Preference and the range options include:  

  • Date & Time

  • Size

  • Pixels 

  • FPS

  • Bitrate (Kbps)

  • Hz

  • Runtime

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