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Route Selector Tool
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The Easynews Route Selector Tool will help you pick the best route to our servers from your device. It does this by testing your download speeds on all of our servers and ports.

When you go to the Easynews Route Selector Tool page you will see three buttons Switch to the Advanced Test, Start the Test, Switch to Non-SSL test.

The Advanced Test will allow you to define download sizes and a region to find the best port in that region for your device. This is useful to make sure you get the best port for continuous download speeds.

The Start the Test button will start testing your connection to our servers to find the best port and region. Once the test is done you will see the result and be able to select the port to update your download preference.

Both of our route tools default to SSL connections but you can switch them to find the best Non-SSL port if you wish to do so. You can tell if you download using SSL or not by looking at one of your Download URLs if you have HTTPS you are using SSL if you have just HTTP your using a Non-SSL connection.

If you have any trouble using the Route Selector Tool please open a ticket with support.
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