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Understanding the Easynews Gig Bank
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What is my "Gig Bank"? Is it accurate?

Easynews uses a type of ledger system for gig accounting. Your "gig bank" is the total number of gigs you have purchased, received from gig earning opportunities or have received for free from us. Your gig bank will be increased every time your account is renewed unless the limit for your tier is reached.

Your "total usage" is the total amount of gigs downloaded.

Your "gigs available" is the total amount of gigs you have available to use at any given time.

We use the following equation to determine how many gigs can be used for an account at any given time:
  • (gig bank) - (total usage) = (gigs available)
Items downloaded via NNTP are discounted by 50% on all plans.
Accounts with Unlimited NNTP receive a 100% discount. 
If a Classic, Plus, or Big Gig account is canceled for any reason, the account's gig bank information will be stored for one year. You can sign-up within one year from the date of cancellation and use your old username and password to restore your account with the gigs still intact.

Our gig counter only charges for gigs that were requested and subsequently sent out by our servers. Please note that the gig counter is accurate and proven to not overstate the total amount of gigs transferred. If you are noticing a gig total that you feel is inaccurate, then this may be a port issue. The default web port is port 80. If your ISP uses proxy or cache servers, this could be the root of the problem. These types of servers are notorious for not supporting resuming downloads and causing other problems with downloads resulting in more gigs being used to download than originally intended. We strongly suggest using one of our alternate post options in the "Preferred Port" setting in our user preferences area.
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