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Reverting to Older Easynews Layouts
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Easynews has been around for quite some time, and as such, we've changed the way that our original interface has looked over the years.

We offer three main interfaces for our customers - Easynews 3.0, Easynews 2.0, and Easynews Vintage. Switching between our interfaces is easy.

If you prefer the look of the newer Easynews layout, then you're in luck because it's the default layout for Easynews accounts. However, if you've been around a little longer than the average user and prefer the look of our older site, you can set your Preferred Interface in your account preferences here.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in the newer interface and would like to manually navigate to the Vintage layout without changing your preferences, you can simply click the "Easynews Vintage" link which will bring you there as well.

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